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Don Gladden is a born-and-raised southern Illinois native. He is a graduate of Murphysboro Township High School and Southern Illinois University, attending on football and academic scholarships. Twenty-five years of his career has been in top management for Christian television and radio broadcasting. Now retired, he rises each day in the fourth watch and spends his time supporting others in ministry—and working on a sequel to Jones’ Corner.

Don Gladden authors a suspense thriller

with a supernatural twist!

    A familiar place, a supernatural conflict

           it could happen anywhere.

Two years after the most devastating loss of his life, Jones O’Brian has barely recovered when a series of fires, accompanied by peculiar noises, signal that something dark and unsettling is encroaching on his community.  Sheriff Bob Cable, once Jones’ high school football coach, asks for his help investigating the occurrences. Working with Cable and Deputy Abby Solomon, the woman who shared his loss, Jones discovers people have disappeared, properties and businesses have quietly changed hands and strange newcomers have moved to his southern Illinois hometown. With warrior angel Arrow in Jones’ corner, bridging the divide between unseen and seen realms, Jones revisits the terrain of his childhood to uncover an evil battle plan to take over the region—and beyond. It seems that in this world, what we can’t see can be more awesome—and more terrifyingly real—than what we can see.